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Resin Flooring Repairs & Maintenance

Flooring always suffers wear and tear, and many installations go into heavy industrial or commercial environments which really test their durability to the limit.

Industrial resin flooring is incredibly hard wearing and when installed by our team it gets the best possible starting point; but it not completely indestructible. It can suffer from damage over time which causes an appealing look, but also proves to create a possible hazard. This is why we provide resin flooring repairs so you are assured to have a good looking floor and also be completely safe.

No matter if cleaning up scuff marks and dents as part of ongoing maintenance or dealing with more major repairs on older or poorly installed floors, we provide a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services to keep your commercial resin floors in the best possible shape. Our professional team ensure that any resin flooring repair requirements are met to the best possible standard to ensure you have the perfect floor you need.

Our industrial resin flooring repairs are professionally completed by our floor screed fitters. They are well equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to provide the high quality resin flooring repairs that you are looking for. Call us today on 01964 543261 to go through your own resin flooring repairs as one of our experts will be on hand to provide you with the information you need on any of our floor screeding services.


Our flooring fitters have provided servicing contracts almost as long as they’ve provided installations and over the years we have built up a huge depth of knowledge in all areas of epoxy floor screed and resin flooring repairs and maintenance. We deal with common problems on a one off basis very quickly or provide services in a preventative maintenance contract, spotting potential problems early and dealing with them to ensure they don’t affect productivity.

Require industrial flooring fitters? Look no further as we employ a professional team that have provided floor screeding and resin flooring repairs and maintenance services to a range of properties across Europe. 


We have a range of equipment and methods available to deal with common marks, chips and scratches that occur in every kind of commercial and industrial resin flooring over time. Our experience of installing means that we are able to extend this simple maintenance work into much more substantial work like the re-coating of entire floors for added protection or brightening colour and re-pouring small areas with severe damage, perhaps caused by a heavy equipment drop.


We take health and safety seriously, from the point where our team begins work on your floor through to the on-going life of it. We take the greatest care to ensure a fluid and flat resin floor surface with no trip or slip risk points and brightly coloured, clearly labelled floor markings to guide traffic and people safely around warehouses and factories. CHAS registered and working with major businesses across the UK, you can be confident of professional, quality lead services in everything we do.

Whatever your commercial or industrial resin flooring repairs and maintenance requirements, contact us at Zircon Flooring for the complete solution from an expert team of engineers starting with a full survey and consultation.

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