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Aviation & Military

We have been providing high quality floor screeds and floor coating systems to the aviation industry and the military for many years.

Requiring very specialist work and extensive industry experience, our military and aviation clients rely on us because they appreciate the quality of our installations, the professionalism we show in absolutely everything we do and the experience we have in providing the most cost effective and reliable flooring solution.

Able to source and install everything from electro static dissipative flooring to polyurethane floor screeds and high build epoxy floor coatings, we provide the complete aviation and military flooring service.

Airport interiors and exteriors

We have a range of specialist resin flooring systems that are easy utilised in a variety of airport interior locations. Made from the finest materials, our floor screeds and coatings are ideal for areas with high levels of foot traffic, like pedestrian areas of terminal buildings, and visually appealing enough to provide an attractive addition to any departure halls or retail outlets.

We also specialise in supplying and installing the very best floor resin systems in aircraft hangars, where heavy duty, static electricity dissipation and hard-wearing flooring products are needed to withstand the toughest environments and protect sensitive electrical equipment. We also install durable and waterproofed flooring for exterior walkways, roofways and car parks.

Working with the military

Military bases require a large number of differing floor screeds and materials. Working at sites throughout the UK, we source and install specialist flooring systems, including electro static dissipation flooring, decorative and quart floors, polyurethane floor screeds and anti-slip surfacing.

Externally, we are also able to provide a cost effective flooring solution with the application of surfacing and decking for parking areas, helipads and parade grounds.

Based in Yorkshire we work throughout the UK and regularly install flooring for clients in Europe in cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Lyon, Valencia, Marseille and Brussels.

Whatever your aviation and military concrete flooring requirements, contact us at Zircon Flooring for the complete solution from an expert team starting with a full survey and consultation.

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