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Why Choose Resin Flooring?

We focus our service on resin flooring installations because it provides a unique range of benefits to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Stronger than concrete, smoother than almost anything and totally seamless in finish, resin floors are a classic example of a man-made material getting things absolutely right. The resin is produced by a chemical reaction between polymers which then absorb into concrete foundations and base flooring to create a rock solid and continuous floor surface that simply cannot flake, peel or come loose.

Our floor screeds are certain to provide you with the stunning finish for your new flooring installation. With resin flooring that's hard to match at very affordable prices, we are certain to provide all of the industrial flooring you need. Call us today on 01964 543261 to go through your own resin flooring requirements with our specialist industrial flooring fitters. They will be on hand to provide you with the information you need. Don't need new resin flooring? We will even provide resin flooring repairs so you get the perfect finish back on your floor.


Resin flooring is extremely tough, but also flexible under stress making them ideal for industrial and commercial environments like factories and warehouses. Resin flooring's compressive strength is better than concrete whilst the flexibility dissipates the stress preventing impact damage and increasing the load bearing limit of the concrete floor below.

Our floor screed fitters go through each step carefully and to a professional standard to ensure that you have strong and durable industrial flooring. From high build epoxy floor coatings and interlocking floor tiles to seamless resin floor screeds; our wide range of industrial flooring is made to withstand large amounts of traffic to last a very long time.


Resin floors are equally ideal in schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and kitchens because they provide a seamless and impervious floor surface that is easily washed down, disinfected or even steam cleaned to ensure a perfectly hygienic surface with little effort. Made to withstand a lot of traffic, our floor screeds create a beautiful finish to any floor that does not require constant maintenance to keep it in its best condition.


Resin flooring is able to withstand acids, alkalis, solvents, oil and petrol without damage. This ensures that our resin flooring is suitable for a lot of businesses and for many applications; without the worry of them being damaged and needing to replaced. Our resin flooring installers are experts in this industry and have provided many properties with a range of commercial and industrial flooring.


We can alter the resin flooring mix to include graded aggregates creating a high degree of slip resistance in wet or greasy environments ranging from swimming pools to mechanical workshops. We provide a slip resistant floor coating so that everyone is kept safe and no matter your floor screeds or resin flooring requirements, we have the best solution.

Resin flooring lasts for years, enhances safety, comes in a huge range of colours and is probably the lowest maintenance and most easily cleaned floor covering on the market.

Ideal in schools, food production areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical production, warehouses, showers, bathrooms, marine environments, car parks and workshops throughout the UK and Europe, including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Lyon, Valencia, Marseille and Brussels.

Get an exceptional service and floor with the very best in seamless resin flooring installations nationwide across the UK. Our team of floor screed fitters always puts quality and customer satisfaction first; contact us today at Zircon resin flooring and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our expert seamless resin flooring team.

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