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Electro Static Dissipative Flooring

In certain industrial and commercial properties, it is absolutely vital that static electricity is removed, and removed safely.

Our Electro Static Dissipative floor screed is proven to effectively and safely remove any static electricity from medium duty traffic areas, engineering processing plants, TV Studio’s, pharmaceutical and chemical work environments.

This flow applied floor system that is applied to a depth of up to 3mm, is regularly used by our industrial and commercial clients across the whole of the UK and is designed in compliance with BS2050.

If it is electro-static dissipative flooring that you require for your project, then call us today on 01964 543261 and our professional team will discuss your requirements.  We ensure that our electro-static dissipative flooring is installed and working correctly to suit your needs and requirements.

Safe removal of static electricity

When static is discharged it causes damage to sensitive electrical equipment and instruments,  combined with the risk of sparks causing a fire therefore  it is imperative that static electricity is removed quickly and safely.

Our electro static dissipative flooring is the answer. Allowing static build-up to dissipate safely, our resin flooring is the obvious choice for TV studio’s, engineering plants and chemical work environments.


Made from durable and strong materials, our electro static dissipative resin flooring is suitable for any heavy traffic area. Incredibly hard-wearing, this flooring is regularly used in large commercial and industrial properties, TV Studio’s,  factories, processing plants and chemical facilities.

Hygienic and dust-free

Able to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, while remaining clean and dust-free at the same time, our electro static dissipative flooring is an ideal solution for health and hygiene conscious business owners.

Resistant To Chemicals

Like many of our other floor screeds, our electro static dissipative resin flooring is highly resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications and industrial and commercial properties.

Based in Yorkshire we work throughout the UK and regularly install electro static dissipative flooring for clients  in cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Lyon, Valencia, Marseille and Brussels.

If you would like any more information about our electro static dissipative flooring installations, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team of floor screed fitters. They will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation.

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